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If you don't see your question here please call us so we can serve you better! 828-586-9676


1. How does Chiropractic help?   Chiropractic helps relieve nerve pressure from joint subluxation: In other words the brain is communicating with the body via the spinal cord but the bones "misalign" causing nerve  irritation dampening the proper control and results in possible pain, organ problems, joint arthritis, and overall energy loss.

2. What types of problems do you help?   We help many conditions because the nerves control everything in the body like: Lowback pain, Arthritis, Car Accidents, Disc Herniation/Bulge,  Headaches, Neck pain, Carpal Tunnel, Arm & Leg pain, TMJ (jaw problems), Foot Neuropathy.

3. What services do you offer? Our main service is the adjustment, along with that is diagnostic x-ray, physical exams. The main therapies we use is Muscle stim to reduce muscle spasm, hydro-massage for overall body relaxation, decompression for disc problems, exercise/stretch/ and wobble board work for increased brain to body integration. and roller table intersegmental traction with massage to promote disc flexibility.

4. What does it cost?  Costs do vary because of insurance copays etc. X-rays typically range from $60 - $180. While our list price for an adjustment is $40 therapy costs range from $25 - $45. We try to never turn anyone away if they can't afford care. Plus we have payment plans and options to suit almost any budget. Call and ask..

5. What is an Adjustment?  Adjustments are the minor movements of vertebrae in the spine. The objective of this movement is to realign vertebrae that have moved out of place for a number of reasons ranging from normal daily activity to trauma such as a car accident.

6. How long is my visit take?  The first visit takes 90 min typically while a usual visit may range from 20 min to 40 min.

7. Do you offer Acupuncture? Yes we are licensed to perform this therapy. We use needles, laser stimulation, electro-point stimulation and even magnet point work. Our foot neuropathy and knee protocols have been hailed as great.

8. Do you take x-ray? Yes we have full x-ray services.  

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